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Unparalleled internet for yachts.

No other provider can offer enhanced maritime connectivity like Viasat. 我们的强大, high-capacity satellite network means more speed, data and performance while you cruise. You’ll enjoy a superior internet experience that lets you connect, 流, 浏览, 看电视, 电影, sports and news channels just as you would on land.

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    No hard data caps

    Unrivaled bandwidth delivers high-performing, 可靠的, faster maritime internet – whether you have 5 guests and crew on board or over 24.

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    You can expect typical speeds up to 25 to 50 Mbps, and even enjoy peak speeds over 100 Mbps in some cases.*

  • Several yachts equipped with satellite internet antennas parked at the dock
    Fixed monthly prices

    Remove any uncertainty about your airtime bill by receiving a fixed monthly price. And we offer maximum flexibility with our Quiet Time plan for when the yacht is not in use.  

  • Woman sitting at a computer onboard a yacht, using internet for yachts to communicate.
    Network management

    Viasat offers an on-board network management solution purpose built for maritime to enable high-speed internet.

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Disclaimer(s):  *没有速度限制 means that there is no cap set on the typical speed delivered within a specific maritime plan. Speeds may still be limited by terminal equipment capabilities, network and environmental conditions, and other factors. Speeds are “up to,” are not guaranteed and will vary.