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Connecting people, 的地方 and things. No matter how hard the challenge.

We’re making the dream of connectivity a reality for some of the world’s most challenging emerging markets.

students connecting globally on laptop

It starts with bringing the world 关闭r to communities that need it most

Viasat is connecting unserved and underserved communities around the world. Many for the first time ever.


Having internet access means having access to education, better medical care, business opportunities, 家庭, 和更多的. But for many hard to reach communities, that nearest internet connection can be a long walk or bus ride from home. Viasat Prepaid Internet makes fast, affordable connectivity available to those who need it most so they can bring the world 关闭r to home.

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We’re advancing satellite’s capabilities. To move the world forward.

Viasat is helping make the internet more accessible, available and affordable — to connect the world.


Where others see barriers, Viasat sees opportunities. We believe our best-in-class satellite, 无线, and ground-based technology can overcome virtually any geographical, 技术, or financial challenge that stands in the way of a connected world — helping us realize our mission to bring connectivity to the people, 的地方, and things that need it most.